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Creeper Mondays: Unlimited Juice Edition

Another Monday, another dose of adolescent lycanthropes to look forward to! As always, streams are current at time of posting and hit up my ask box if you’ve got any questions.

Stream 1 (Live TV Cafe - Select Stream 2)

Stream 2 (Vip Live Box)

Stream 3 (TVPC 1)

Stream 4 (TVPC 2)

Stream 5 (iLive)

Air Times:

8 PM EDT - Re-airing of Chaos Rising

9 PM EDT - Re-airing of Fireflies

10 PM EDT - Unleashed

11 PM EDT - Re-airing of Unleashed

If you’re in Canada, Much will also be airing the new episode at 10 PM EDT. Should you miss the show when it airs or want to watch it again after the fact, it will be available on the MTV website (US) and the Much Music website (Canada). If you’re outside the US and would like to watch through the MTV website, I suggest giving Hola Unblocker or Tunnelbear a try.

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